Patty Boi Sampler Box

Patty Boi Sampler Box

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  • 1 x Island Kush
  • 1 x Jungle Spice
  • 1 x Euforia Kush
  • 1 x Pineapple Express


Island Kush
Our signature patty and where it all started! Delicious minced beef slow cooked with birds eye chili, kaffir lime, homemade curry paste, coconut cream and coriander.

Uplifting and invigorating in every sense.

Jungle Spice

Minced beef paired alongside a deep and complex curry that take on all the intense tropical aromatics of toasted coconut and chilies. This develops into a nutty sweetness accented with cardamom and lemongrass.

The high spreads slowly, resulting in a tingly effect that inches its way forward throughout the body

Euforia Kush

A limited edition hybrid strain between Euforia and Purple Kush.

Creamy, coconut, ube and pandan infused sticky rice with swirls of Thai mango, topped with a vibrant mango crust. 

The high from Euforia takes hold quickly, striking users with a light pressure around the temples and eyelids. Once the cerebral buzz subsides, you can expect to experience waves of soothing relaxation.

Pineapple Express

Dark rum and brown sugar soaked pineapple, slow roasted until sticky and caramelized.

Pineapple Express produces long-lasting energetic effects that you can feel right away. It may make you feel buzzy, alert, and creative.

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