Patty Boi pays homage to the chilled culture of the Caribbean islands with an array of distinct and flamboyant flavours inspired by the streets of the world and the strains that leave us in a happy haze.


Born and raised in Hong Kong, Patty Boi founder Russell Doctrove made his first trip to the Caribbean when he was ten years old to meet with his extended family, many of whom he was meeting for the first time. Whilst there he encountered his first patty and needless to say it was a life changing experience.


Twenty-five years later whilst hosting a pop up event for a secondary concept he decided to recreate this iconic dish with his own spin culminating from his journeys as a chef. Hailed as the standout dish, he then set upon the creation of Patty Boi.


Patty Boi explores both savoury and sweet fillings and this makes them perfect to be eaten morning, noon or night.